Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Team on the way!

Dear all,

The team are now on board their flight home and they are excited to be seeing you all soon.

Thank you all for following our blog and for all your comment and support. It's been a pleasure to keep you up to date with all the news!

All at Team Inspire in the UK

Some final photos of the teachers, Adrian and Jo and Inspire Leaders, Andy and Rachel

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 9: 25th Oct - Last day on Project

Today we awoke for the last day on project slightly later than usual. We ate our breakfast and prepared ourselves for a rigorous day of exercise and competition in the Malawian heat. We then devised 5 different events for the day of sports.

The events were dizzy football, skipping, crocodiles, over and under and a relay race involving wheel barrow races, piggy back races and tennis ball batons.

The events consisted of 5 teams including local children aged 4-18. Team puliza were victorious!

After games with the local children the youth group chall3nged LP to a netball and football match. Both games were close but Malawi came out on top.

Following a hard lost game we were joined by village elders for a mighty feast of chicken killed by Leighton's own. The day was topped off with an afternoon leaving ceremony filled with speeches, dancing and a gymnastics display. The kids particuarly enjoyed 'the macaraner' and 'jump on it'.

Dan was given a twerk sarong for his booty skills but didn't show much improvement. The community showed massive genorosity in giving us t-shirts, paintings, bracelets and hand written songs that brought us to tears.

This night we rested well in what was a heart-warming experience living in the community of Manyenje.

Blog by Joss and Alex

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Day 8: 24th Oct - Early Walk

Before eating breakfast the team undertook a 5am trek to the lone tree visible at the peak of the mountain to catch a view of the sunrise. Not only did we time this perfectly, arriving minutes before the sun rose over the mountains we also managed to explore another Joshua feeding centre situated in thicker more lush vegetation. Despite our collective exhaustion following days of hard work, this not only energised us, but also set the tone for the entire day.

In comparison to other days the work load was less rigorous as the two manual jobs (brick laying and landscaping) wound to a close, as both progressed towards their completion.

With our work completed (foundation slab poured and 1000's of bricks moved and laid) on the teachers house we now pass on the baton to the local builders to complete the skilled elements of the build.

After 20 tonnes of earth moved by pure will power and strength the landscaping was completed ensuring guaranteeing the future of Masika junior primary school.

Within all of this work, many members of the team still managed to enjoy themselves playing with the local children. In particular Fay who spent an afternoon climbing classroom rules and Charlie who enjoyed an evening of collecting tennis balls from the river following a rowdy game of baseball.
As the team finishes its last day of work and looked towards our final day in Manyenje the feeling is overwhelming of gratitude for the villagers consummate kindness and willingness to join us, whether it be in work or play.

Blog entry by Mr. Dan wamphagu Rojas

'wamphagu' - strong man

Friday, 24 October 2014

Day 7: 23rd Oct - Muli Bwanje!

After a restless night featuring Alex Rae's snoring and a rooster we all awoke for another day of project work in Manyenje. We split into three groups, one going to Marys Meals the second going to continue the teachers house and the third in the dust bowl.

At the teachers house the main task was brick laying, with the outside walls growing with increasing speed. The most progress however was made by the landscaping team. The main terrace was completed and the lower terrace was levelled out.

The Marys Meals team enjoyed the time spent with the local children and have made strong bonds with the kids.

Away from our main projects Rob and co. completed the improvements to the tippy taps and some of the landscaping team helped plant up a new tree nursery with the local children. They seeded 153 blue gum trees.

Blog entry by Jack

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Day 6: 22nd Oct - English Lessons

After a lazy breakfast the groups got going and we were off to our work sites. The Marys Meal team started the day in the primary school assisting with English lessons as the ladies in the feeding centre were undergoing some refresher training. The team taught the alphabet and vowels.

The landscaping group smoothed and flattened parts of the hill around the school. The next step will be to prepare the ground for a village tree nursary.

On site it was onwards and upwards as the brick laying reached the height of the windows.

During lunch we sorted donations that we had brought over to give to Joshua. Rob and Adrian perfected tippy tap mark 2 so that the children can wash their hands at the feeding centre.

Charlie and Alex R. led a team to replace a missing football goal on the village pitch before testing it with a penalty shoot out!

Blog entry by Angharad

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Day 5: 21st Oct - Three teams

The day started at various times today, 6.30am for most, 5.30am for cooks and 4.45am for anyone awoken by Faye.

The day quickly gathered momentum; group 3 working in the feeding centre, group 2 landscaping and group 1 on the building site. Being in group 3 I can honestly say I've never met a more likeable group of kids in my life (despite the great escape attempt I halted as I prised a dangling child off the wall).

The experience for group 2 was very different in that their day was spent sweating in a dust bowl, as they shovelled and transported soil behind the new primary school to create terraces. 

Similar was the experience for group 1 as they also spent the entire day in the sun, laying bricks on the new foundations of the teachers house.

In the evening we celebrated Malawian Jo's birthday with balloons and banoffee pie!

Blog entry by Rob